Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are there any home remedies for toenail fungus?

I read ';Dr. Gott';, in our local paper, and he says to rub ';vicks vapo rub';, twice a day. Please read my link below. If it (the link) does not work, just google

Dr. Gott foot fungus, I clicked on the first one, it's below. Good luck!Are there any home remedies for toenail fungus?
epson saltsAre there any home remedies for toenail fungus?
rub your feet and toes twice daily with mentholated rub such as vics and cover with soft socks. Do this until conditon improves. Will turn nails slightly yellow color will go away as nails grow out.
vicks salve
Tea Tree Oil.

You can get this at any health food store and also check with local pharmacy.

1. First, you need to cut your nails really short so that the tea tree oil can come in contact with the fungus.

2. Then, each morning and evening, wash your feet with tea tree soap. Dry your feet, and then apply a few drops of tea tree oil to those toes that have the fungus. Use a cotton swab to apply.

3. Over the next four weeks, the fungus should be killed by the treatment

A really serious case of fungus, use a bleach solution, but the tea tree oil should do the trick.

Darryl S.
go to your local health food store , they can help with the right vitamins

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