Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Does anyone have a cure for toenail fungus?

My insurance does not cover prescription medication for this condition and I cannot afford to buy it myself. I dread the thought of summer and not being able to wear sandles or go barefoot. I don't want to spread it to anyone in my family either. It's so disgusting! Help ... please?Does anyone have a cure for toenail fungus?
Please, don't put your health in the hands of an amateur forum. Respect your mind and body. Consult your doctor.Does anyone have a cure for toenail fungus?
get guyabano leaves and boil it till you smell the aroma. let it cool until you can afford to immerse your foot.let your foot immerse until at room temperature. reheat the solution and do the same thing for the second time than let your foot dry without wiping. you can hasten the healing by making this paste: ground fenugreek and turmeric, minced garlic equal parts and tea tree oil (juast to make the three ingredients form a past) coat the affected area with this paste and wrap with cotton cloth or gauze
Go to your dermatologist or podiatrist and ask him for lamisil. It might mess up your liver however. I had a fungus and took the pills. There's also a few home remedies that I've heard about.

Here are a few: vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, urine (pee), and iodine.

The only one I know works is Iodine. My mom had a nail fungus and it cleared it up in about four months. I really don't know much bout the rest.

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