Thursday, February 11, 2010

Does anyone know how to get rid of toenail fungus?


A natural product called Futspa is available for treating the toenail fungus. This product is a solution that can be applied on the affected nail. The solution contains natural essential oils that are effective against the fungus. One such essential oil is the Tea tree oil. This is one of the main ingredients of Futspa. Lavender oil and thyme are also included in this product. Such products are safe to use and are also inexpensive.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can also be used individually on the nail that is affected by the toenail fungus. Tea tree oil can be purchased from the herbal stores. Tea tree oil is a natural anti fungal and anti bacterial agent and hence this is used in most of the natural products to fight the fungus.


Application of vinegar over the infection is also found to be one of the natural remedies for nail fungus. It is found that the infection may reappear after sometime if you use vinegar. Another way of curing is to use a mixture of water and the apple cider vinegar in equal proportions and soak your feet in that solution. This is found to be effective in some persons.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Applying hydrogen peroxide on the infected area is also found to help the cells of the nail to grow again. You can use a cotton ball to apply hydrogen peroxide in the infected area. Another treatment that can be used is to soak your feet in a solution of water, lavender oil, and apple cider vinegar. You need to soak your feet for at least half an hour daily in this solution to get the desired effect.

Decolorized Iodine

You can also use decolorized iodine for treating nail fungus. Apply some tea tree oil over the infected nail and then apply iodine using a q-tip. Olive leaf extract is another natural remedy for treating the toenail fungus. Try using Olive leaf extract.

Oil of Oregano

Oil of Oregano can also be applied to your infected nail using a Q-tip. This has to be applied daily in the morning and the evening. This application has destroyed the fungus and your nail grows again. This treatment might take several months before you get the desired result.

Most of the natural treatments for the toenail infections take several months to get the desired effect. Hence, you need patience you are adopting the natural treatments for the toenail infections.Does anyone know how to get rid of toenail fungus?
You will experience a reduction in your toenail fungus when you cut out simple carbs, add more protein and take oral anti-fungals such as caprylic acid or grapefruit seed oil. It takes months to really have a noticeable effect.

Starve the fungi! Cut the carbs and sugars.Does anyone know how to get rid of toenail fungus?
Vicks Vaporub鈥?/a>
Yeah, go to Walmart. They have this liquid solution in a small bottle that you apply on your toenails in the foot care section. There are a couple of them in that area so just check them out and select the one that is affordable for you.
Natural....tea tree oil, put a band aid over it for 30 days

Regular: by clortrimizole (athletes foot section), but it on toe, cover in band aid for 30 days.

Those are the only two ways that have ever worked for me. I will never get a pedicure again. That's how I got the fungus. EW!
If it's a fungus, it's under the nail bed and something that you paint on isn't going to help. The nails are impermeable, so you will have to get an antibiotic from your doctor to kill the fungus from the inside. Simply painting medicine on your nails won't help, because the nail won't let it seep under the nail and into the nail bed.
My husband cured his by rubbing Vicks on his toenail every night. It took a while but now he has a normal toenail.
I got rid of mine with that stuff from the health food store called, ';Nail Saver';. I supplemented by about 50% with Tea Tree Oil.

First, get some clippers and cut away all the ';funk'; that you can. Try to scrape off as much of the yucky white/yellow stuff that you can, then just saturate the area with the 50/50 mix.

It works better if you can keep the nail ';wet'; a good percentage of the time. Be careful with this, but what I did was after applying the goop, I would wrap the toe in plastic wrap and secure it in place with scotch tape. IMPORTANT: Do not restrict circulation to your toe! You only want the tape to keep the plastic on, and nothing more.

I'd wear the plastic wrap for about half the day, most days.

Don't believe what they say about the toenail being impermeable. It isn't. Especially when you're carrying the medication through the nail with a solvent like Tea Tree Oil.

It may take a long time, maybe six months to beat the fungus. It's tough stuff. You might have to kill it a couple of times, because it might come back after you think you have it licked. My experience is that every time you beat it back, it seems to lose some of it's spunk on the next round.

Good luck.
There is an oral medication which gets rid of the fungus when nothing else will. Your doctor has to prescribe it.
Quit pissing in the shower.
1)Vicks Vapo Rub really works directly applied to the nails.

2)Soaking your feet in diluted Clorox works too and very fast.

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