Thursday, February 11, 2010

Question for people with Toenail Fungus?

What made you first notice it. What were the symptoms you saw?

How long does it take to progress to get real bad?Question for people with Toenail Fungus?
Yellowing was my first symptom. Then the thickening. After that was the curling under phase which really hurts. I kept treating mine and working with them. It finally went away but it took years.Question for people with Toenail Fungus?
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My humble opinions. The root of your toenail fungus is in your intestines and colon, mucus and fungus build up. reach out and can help. A very QUICK fix thats no joke, before you go to sleep, simple Vicks Vaporub, rub all over toes and feet, cover with socks carfeully as to not wipe off, sleep well, in morning youll see very good results, continue about 4 nights straight and youll see dramtaic improvement, youll feel tingly heat type sensations, dont worry this is natural reaction to Vicks against bacteria, do this everytime it starts to show up again, however the root as I said, in the intestines, need to do a cleanse. I can be reached by my yahoo nick.
I noticed a light discoloration at the outer edge of the toenail. It slowly extended back toward the root of the toenail over a 5 (or more) month period. Then slowly, the nail began thickening. Total time was at least a year.
Yellow nails , shipping of the nails lamisal is what I had to take but your doctor will give you a liver test to make sure your fine befor giving you the pills !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the first symptoms are a slight distortion of the nail. You may discover the ends of the nail are turning a white or yellow color. There may alos be some foul smelling debris under the nail.

What you must do now is act fast to avoid the nail detorioating and even spreading to other nails.

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