Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What is best for toenail fungus?

From your experience is it best to see a podiatrist or buy something from the pharmacy for severe toenail fungus?What is best for toenail fungus?
There is a pill you can take, but a doctor tole me it was hard on your liver, so I didn't take it. This was maybe 10 years ago.

It certainly wouldn't hurt to ask a pharmacist if there is anything over the counter that is new on the market. If not, per haps the podiatrist can tell you more about the pill.What is best for toenail fungus?
What you have is an infected toenail and it is actually infected with fungus so what you need to do is to go see your pharmacist and ask for an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream. Apply the cream as directed by your pharmacist and the problem should go away in a few days (maybe up to a week). If it still persists, then you should see a doctor who will probably send some nail scrapings to a lab for testing so he can find out exactly what type of fungus it is and prescribe the right anti-fungal medication for your infection. Things you can do to help heal your toenail (and prevent future infections) is to not walk around barefoot (you pick up things that way), keep your feet clean and DRY, and always wear clean socks - avoid wearing shoes without socks. Most importantly; keep your feet dry!!

You can also purchase shoe spray/deodorizer that has anti-fungal properties; this should prevent reinfection. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Toenail fungus is harmless, but it can be extremely stubborn, and it will lead to thicker nails that can become unsightly. Pharmacy remedies are much to weak to do anything more than relieve the problem a little for a short period of time. To really get rid of it costs several thousand dollars (!)
A couple of drops of distilled vinegar on each toe helps for light fungus, but if you have severe fungus you should see a podiatrist.

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