Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is there a natural cure for toenail fungus?

Does anyone know of any natural cure for toenail fungus?Is there a natural cure for toenail fungus?
Hydrogen Peroxide... not exactly sure if that's what yo'd consider natural but my dad uses it on his.Is there a natural cure for toenail fungus?
yes call a nail clipper and then a mild mount of bleach. 1/20 bleach vs water. soak your nails into for 20 sec repeat for a few days it got rid of my (warning dont put more the 1/20 bleach or you might get chem burn)
I have read a lot about using Vicks Vapo rub on toe nail fungus. Used daily, (rub into nail bed and surrounding skin) you are supposed to see improvement within 2-3 months. Good luck.
i don't know if it cures toenail fungus but you can try a vinegar foothbath. mix water and vineger 50/50 and put the solution on your feet, that'll help in some way - it'll help keep your feet clean so that you don't get the fungus again.
always keep it dry and make sure not to wear closed shoes.. because if you do, it builds up moisture and makes the toenail fresh and not heal easily... make sure also its always clean and dry...
I am not trying to be silly but I herd Madonna pees on her toes in the shower for this problem. I have the same problem too - you first

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