Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What can be done about toenail fungus?

What makes toenails get fungus, how can i get rid of it, and how can i prevent it in the future??What can be done about toenail fungus?
Toenails get fungus due to bacteria. You can buy Lamisil from the drugstore -- over the counter -- to get rid of it, but it will take some time because it works slowly. In the future, it is hard to prevent because we can't always tell when we are being exposed to bacteria, but wearing open shoes, unfortunately, increases the risk. Good luck!What can be done about toenail fungus?
you need to go to the doctor,there is a medication you can take for this problem but i believe it is a long and expensive treatment
My podiatrist said to try Vicks salve (you know, the stuff you smear under your nose and on your chest when you have a bad cold). He said you have to be consistent--I have trouble remembering to put it on my toenails.
You soak your infected toe in white wine vinegar a couple times a day for about 5 days it will work. vinegar does smell but works. You may have gotten the fungus from having a pedicure. good luck

Also keep all the implements you use clean and sterile when doing a pedicure. If it does not work see a podiatrist.
soak it in mouthwash liquid

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