Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Are there natural remidies to get rid of toenail fungus?

Natural, perhaps not. I have toenail fungus too, and believe it or not, Vicks Vapo Rub has almost gotten rid of it so far. Still using it. Just take a glob and rub it on your toenail and under it, and put on a sock, and go to bed/work. Do that once a day until it goes away. You would never think it, but it works.Are there natural remidies to get rid of toenail fungus?
Lamisil cream. Had 2 toenails with fungus. Lamisil cream over the toenails and covered with band-aids. Removed at night allowing nails to dry. Used metal nail file to rough up top of the nails. Repeated daily. After 90 days gone! The package does not recommend this method, but I do!

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Are there natural remidies to get rid of toenail fungus?
My doctor recently recommended Vicks Vapor Rub, Just rub on and under (if possible) the nail as often as you like but at least once every day.
try the fingers paint!! this what i know since it doesn't permit air to go in and then the fugal will die.
Tea Tree oil or Vicks Vaporub applied to the nails after bath or shower. You may want to file the nails down thin to increase the effectiveness of the oils. If the oils are too irritating you can mix them with some olive oil or aloe vera gel. Keep applying it daily until the nails are completely clear. Go barefoot or wear sandals as much as possible, Fungi are killed by sunlight and dryness.

good luck!
I dont know but my mom says vicks vapor rub works wonders but you gotta use it for a while . Put it on when you go to bed at night and wear socks with it. Try it for a month and see if theres any improvement..
yes, tee tree oil found in health food stores, also is said to work and there are many over the counter fungal preparation.They need to be applied persistently 2x a day am and pm . and for a long time. The Podiatrist has been treating mine, and after about 2 yrs I have a toe nail that looks healthy.
yes ofcourse there are....aplyy fruit vineger(not synthetic vineger) to the toenail not on the toenail but in front where it contacts with the use homoeopathic medicines mail me at am H/Dr.
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