Thursday, February 11, 2010

How dangerous is toenail fungus?

Dangerous? It's more irritating than anything, but as far as causing serious health problems I seriously doubt that it does. The reason I think this is that I've suffered from the nasty toenail fungus for twenty years, and my father has had it for forty to fifty years and he's now seventy two. You're actually at more risk from the drugs you take to get rid of it. I've tried it all and suffered, believe me. One prescription gave me severe diarrhea, stomach cramps and dry mouth for weeks before I finally decided to just live with the fungus instead of being miserable all the time. It's just embarrassing when someone sees how nasty your toenails are. Always having to hide them, keep them out of sight. Dangerous...? No. Disgusting and Embarrassing? Yes.How dangerous is toenail fungus?
Could cause infection of the entire body. Lose of toes,feet and leg. Death, septic poisoning,gangrene and other body function problems. Treat it ASAP. 99.99% of the time not a real problem....but don't take a chance. see your podiatrist or family doctor. TaggerHow dangerous is toenail fungus?
marty - An infection of toenail fungus occurs when fungi infect one or more of your nails. A nail fungal infection may begin as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your fingernail or toenail. As the nail fungus spreads deeper into your nail, it may cause your nail to discolor, thicken and develop crumbling edges 鈥?an unsightly and potentially painful problem.

These infections usually develop on nails continually exposed to warm, moist environments, such as sweaty shoes or shower floors. Nail fungus isn't the same as athlete's foot, which primarily affects the skin of the feet, but at times the two may coexist and can be caused by the same type of fungus.

An infection with nail fungus may be difficult to treat, and infections may recur. But medications are available to help clear up nail fungus.
I've read that in some cases, it is actually fatal. I've had it for years in my big toes and do my best to treat it by clipping close and medicating it. There are also pills you can take but they haven't yet worked for me. Many people just have their toenails removed and then keep the nail bed clean while they grow back. A surefire solution, but it scares me. Keep an eye on them and get them treated whatever you do. Toenail fungus is nothing to mess with.

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  1. It is really dangerous when it goes inside your body, worst case is you will infect your internal organ. So better immediately cure your yellowing of the toenails