Thursday, February 11, 2010

Consequences of toenail fungus?

I have fungus on two toenails that I have attempted to treat topically as prescribed by my doctor. This has not worked. The alternative is with specific antibiotics, but their side effects on the liver make them inadvisable for me because of a liver disease which I have had. So I will learn to live with it, but outside of ugly toenails, are there any other consequences?Consequences of toenail fungus?
Your feet may begin to itch, or you could get bacterial infections.Consequences of toenail fungus?
You will need to take special care of your feet every day. Wash them thoroughly with soap and water when you take a morning shower. Continue to apply topical medicine, or you may soak your foot in a hydrogen peroxide solution for about 15 min. Wear fresh dry socks everyday, you may want to consider baby powder or some other medicated powder out there to help keep the feet dry. Take your socks off and let your feet air out at night.

Fungus generally thrives under three conditions




The goal is to provide as little of these incubaters as possible.
There are lots of easy and simple home remedies you can use to get rid of toenail fungus
they stink
people will run away from you at the beach...

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