Thursday, February 11, 2010

Best way to cure toenail fungus?

Ok so like a few months ago i caught toenail fungus somehow on my pinky toe but now it spread to another toenail and then my other pinky toe and the toenail next to it how can i cure/prevent this. I shower everyday, wash my feet everyday i dont know how i could have gotten this.Best way to cure toenail fungus?
try peroxide. just pour it over your fungus toes. my husband has suffered for years and found out about this and it worked. good luckBest way to cure toenail fungus?
I have had several toenails so tainted, now only have one with a continuing problem (and it's much better).

I took an accupressure class from an oriental instructor. His words of wisdom to deal with fungal nails is to soak them in apple cider vinegar 20 minutes in the evening, after bathing. He said it takes a long time...usually a clear it out.

Soaking the feet in fresh vinegar every night for a year adds up to a lot of vinegar. So I cut paper towels into 2'; squares and place them in a jar of vinegar. In the evening, after my bath, I tuck a square around each of my problem toes (now down to one). I leave them in place for as long as an hour, but a minimum of the 20 minutes Tao had recommended. I keep a towel under my foot to keep from dripping the vinegar all over. It works for me.

My two cents worth on hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) might work. Don't use it straight, it's too harsh on your skin. Water is H2O, you know, so peroxide is water with an extra oxygen molecule. Oxygen is an incredibe disinfectant and would certainly kill off fungus. That extra oxygen molecule also kills skin dilute it at least 1:1.
Well its very contagious so it easy to pick it up from someone. By using a clipper from someone used that had the fungus is a way many people catch it. To treat it alternatively you can use oregano oil, just a drop on the toe nail every nite.
Peroxide, oregano oil all good, also you can try teatree oil dabbed on or soaked into band aid and put over the toe for long continuing application.
Most toenail fungus requires medications to cure and to prevent from coming back. I suggest you go to a podiatrist.
You need to get lamisil pills for that, or the generic equivalent.
I have had the same problem and have used a lot of most effective med was Nonyx and it takes a while but works...follow the directions tho....good luck ...

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