Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to cure my toenail fungus?

You can buy topical stuff form the pharmacy/chemist/drug store.If you file the nail on the largest surface (on the top of the nail not the edge) it will also help the topical product to get in. If this stuff doesn't work then go to the local doctor for an oral medication that will work, sorry can't remember the name I only remember that it is a restricted drug in Australia and the doctor has to get permission off the government to prescribe it.How to cure my toenail fungus?
Nail fungus is tough to treat. It generally requires both systemic treatment and topical treatment applied to the nails. Your doctor can help.鈥?/a>How to cure my toenail fungus?
Try here pills...
by anti fungal named itraconazol in capsule form

but you should take it under medical supervision

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