Thursday, February 11, 2010

Should I get my toenail fungus treated?

I am debating. It looks gross. But I have heard sme ad stuff about the medication. My fiance doesn't really care either way, he says he doesn't pay attention to feet as long as i have a pair.

Is it OK to just let it go?Should I get my toenail fungus treated?
I wouldn't just let it go, you might wanna get it checked out just in-case it gets worse. If it starts hurting or starts to change colors on you, then I strongly advice that you get it checked out.Should I get my toenail fungus treated?
3 or 4 months of doctor visits, blood monitoring, liver damage and all that expense with Lamisil and prescription medications? Toe nail fungus is contagious, it will spread to your other toes if left untreated. Eventually your fiance will get it too, then he will care!

The simplest, easiest, and least expensive way to take care of it is detailed in the following video and ebook links.
Toenail fungus is a health condition, not just a cosmetic nuisance. It will continue to spread back and forth across your nail until it reaches the cuticle, and then you'll lose your nail which will be painful. Home remedies don't work, so don't waste your time. You need a prescription from the doctor for Lamisil. You'll have to take it for 3 months. It's one of the $4 prescriptions offered at Walmart or Sams Club. I've taken it and had no side effects.
Its up to you but dont listen to some of the random stuff ppl are saying on here, I had it and the ONLY cure is the lamisil tablets you need to take for 3 months. They take a blood test to make sure your liver is strong enough to take it at first bc it could harm it. I havent had any side effects. luckily most insurances cover it and it is cheap now bc the patent just ran out. good luck!
Toenail fungus is actually very contagious. You should get it treated, usually they will prescribe you a topical medication, or a home remedie would be to treat it with straight bleach. Just soak your toes in it and rinse well.
gross, your fiance don't care that you have feet fungus. WOW. weight the pros and cons. If you can live with feet fungus and dont want to risk it then dont get it treated but if its somthing you must do then go for it if taking the meds isnt too risky for you.,
Well, you can get it treated but I hear it costs a lot. However I don't think it will hurt you if you don't get it treated. Tip: to avoid grosness paint you toenailes.
I would totally get it treated.
I would get it treated. It's just gross!
Get it treated.

Green is not for toes, it's for the boogies in your nose//

I just felt like a rhyme
WhAt Do YoU tHiNk? DuH. gEt It TrEaTeD
yes get it treated

i think u should get it treated, especially if you wear flip flops

ill yes go get it done!!!
um.....well all u need is iron tablets

im guessing

ask a doctor if iron tablets will work for you
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