Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Has anyone tried cornmeal for toenail fungus?

I saw it on a couple of home remedy websites and in the newspaper. I dont want to screw with LamisilHas anyone tried cornmeal for toenail fungus?
I have not used cornmeal, but am planning on trying the process now. However, you should also know about another toenail fungus remedy that has worked somewhat well for me: plain white vinegar. One website recommends morning and evening application of undiluted vinegar on the infected toenail(s). This is said to alter the alkininity of the toenail bed, where the new toenail growth occurs, to a pH that the fungus cannot tolerate. It takes up to 6 months to see major results, because you have to wait for healthy uninfected new toenail to grow from the base.

Several years ago I had two infected big toenails. The left nail was about 1/3 infected and the right nail completely infected. I got an eyedropper bottle, filled it with vingar, and dropped several drops on each nail each morning and night. I rubbed the vinegar into the nails.

After several months both nails looked better. I kept it up pretty regularly for about a year, and the left nail has been completely clear of fungus ever since. This was about five years ago. Unfortunately I got lazy and didn't keep up with regular application of vinegar, so my right nail never cleared completely. My right nail is about 1/3 infected.

My next step is to try the cornmeal, but I also strongly suggest that you try the vinegar treatment and see if it works for you. See the attached website for more information and testimonials to the effectiveness of vinegar.Has anyone tried cornmeal for toenail fungus?
I heard of Vapor rub too but never tried it.
no my feet are crusty enough!
never heard of cornmeal for it but have heard of people using Vick's vapor rub for it ,our local paper has a column devoted to these kinda questions and people are always saying it works wonders
VIck's vapor rub is supposed to be great for stuff like that. I know people who swear by it. Never heard the cornmeal remedy before....
Never heard of cornmeal. But soak in listerine(mouthwash). This will work. It could take 90 days.

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