Thursday, February 11, 2010

I have a black fungus on my toenail. How did I get it and how to cure it?

Do over the counter medications work or do I need a prescription? Is it contageous? Did I get it at my gym or while getting a pedicure?How long does it take to get rid of?I have a black fungus on my toenail. How did I get it and how to cure it?
Go to a dermitoligist as soon as possible. You could go to a drug store and ask the pharmisist but I sugest going to a dermitologist.

Good luckI have a black fungus on my toenail. How did I get it and how to cure it?
I wouldn't use medicine. They are toxic and not natural. Try tea tree oil or oil of oregano, Pau D Arco or garlic poultices. It will depend how consistent you are with treatment for healing time. You will know when it is getting better. If you got this at a gym or something that means that your immune system is not as strong as it should be.
There is medication for fungus under you toenail. It will take months to get rid of it and you do need to see a Dr to get a prescription and then have lab test from time to time. The is no over the counter medicine that works for fungus infections in your toenails - Lamisil is the name of the drug.
go to the doc and find out what it is and how to treat it

it could be a number of things
RUN, don't walk! to the nearest foot doctor who is qualified to do surgery. (Podiatrist) A black ';fungus'; could be cancerous. My brother in law had what he thought was balck dirt under his thumbnail. He subsequently lost his thumb to cancer and later died when the cancer aggressively metastasized. Don't take any chances with home remedys, until you have a firm diagnosis of this condition. Life's too precious!
Soak your feet in some warm water with tea tree oil added. Also try applying the tea tree oil while you sleep. Put some on a cotton pad and tape it to your toe. Tea tree is anti-fungal and that should take it away.
A relative just recently told me she keeps a little bottle of bleach in her bathroom and a couple times a week she uses a cotton swab to brush it over her toenails. She said it keeps fungus from starting and also keeps them from yellowing.
It is most likely a fungus. If it is just the toenail involved you can try tea tree oil every night and morning. Takes a while to clear. also, you may want to look on nutrition express website and order oregano oil. It is an antifungal that you take internally. I can't tell you how long it takes to clear or where you got it but, I do know the medications they give you at the Dr. can harm the liver and would make sure they checked my liver function with a blood test after taking it for a while. So, it's really up to you. You also need to keep the feet clean, soak in warm salt water and dry well. use the oregano and tea tree oil diligently. Or go to the Dr. If there is any chance that the tor is involved go to DR. ASAP, you could be dealing with more than a fungus. OK? good luck.

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