Thursday, February 11, 2010

Home cure for toenail fungus?

Has any one had any luck with any home remedies or over the counter for foot toenail fungus. I've been using vapor rub twice a day for a year and have had no improvement.Home cure for toenail fungus?
It will only go with anti fungal tablets off your doctor as the infection is deep in the nail, so creams and stuff are a complete waste of time,treatment lasts a few months until the healthy new nail grows, and the tablets will kill it for good!Home cure for toenail fungus?
My mother had a fungus on her toenail. The pharmacist recommended tea tree oil. Apply it at night after you shower. It is a slow cure. It will help. Best of luck to you.
100% tea tree oil is the way to go. It will slowly

cleari it up. Generally tea tree oil from the supermarket is only 3 - 6% strength so you need to purchase it from a Chemist
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