Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recommendations for killing Toenail Fungus?

I have toenail fungus and i wanted to know some remedies for killing it.I might be a lifeguard this summer so i wanted to clear it up by then. I have been using hydrogen peroxide (first aid) But it seems that it hasn't done anthing for me. It's only on my big toe. Help. Thanks

AdamRecommendations for killing Toenail Fungus?
You're not alone this is something that millions of Americans deal with every year. I have one a much of research on the topic (personal reasons) :) and here is what I found. 1st. I have heard of ';home remedies'; that range from Vicks Vapor Rub to Vinegar but if you follow some people鈥檚 forum post who try this it seems to never fully go away. However there are some internet sold treatments that people report work really well. This site has a couple.

Here you go鈥?br>

Hope this helps!

The forums I surfed are independent from this web site, I just went searching for the cures people had mentioned in the forums.

Let me know if this helps and good luck on the lifeguardingRecommendations for killing Toenail Fungus?
go to the doctor or a school nurse
Go to a pharmacy and buy Lotrimin (spelling may be wrong). It comes in liquid and I think a cream too. It will help kill toenail fungus it is made for fungus infections of the feet. If that doesnt work you need to see a doctor and maybe be put on a pill for fungus.
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