Friday, February 5, 2010

Alternative cure for toenail fungus and numbness in feet.?

I've got poor circulation in my feet, some nerve damage from frostbite, and a dash of toenail fungus to top it off. Anyone have any alternative remedies to help any or all? Having my toenails ripped off and using a topical doesn't sound fun. Also, the pills are supposed to be hard on your liver. Don't need that. It gets enough of a workout as is. :PAlternative cure for toenail fungus and numbness in feet.?
You can try using a low mg of capsicum for added circulation. For the fungus, the best remedy I know of is oil of oregano.Alternative cure for toenail fungus and numbness in feet.?
The fungus may be a completely different issue from the frostbite damage. I would imagine you have had to take and over abundance of anti-biotics while healing from that. This causes an imbalance in bacteria-bad over takes good. It will take a while but you can help it to get back in balance. There are a number of Pro-biotics (refrigerated) in the health food stores-expensive but it will kick start the process. Avoid, obviously, antibiotics. Eat garlic %26amp; live-culture yogurt-especially the ones for digestion. Check out some sites on Candida (the bad bacteria) overgrowth and see if some of the symptoms aren't something that you have experienced. Eat plenty of fiber and eliminate (get familiar with your toillet) at least once a day as the bacteria grows in your lower intestins (and then pisses off the rest of your body). Don't get too caught up in some of the fixes for this...keep in mind it is designed to be there in fewer numbers and you won't get rid of it but modern meds have made it an issue and you may have come to a time in your life that you need to get it in check. Good luck to you.
Dr Weil says you can knock out toenail fungus with tea tree oil, but you have to be very patient and consistent in your approach. Try searching the topic on his web site. I believe you can apply it safely 2x per day, and it may take about 6 months to work.
Vicks vaporub and tea tree oil can possibly help eliminate toenail fungus.
having the toe nails removed does hurt but might be the only way

yes the medication is not good i agree

maybe your a diabetic ?

try 1/2 water mixed with 1/2 peroxcide mixture spray on feet and toe nails before bed for fungus
for the fungus use Tea Tree oil

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