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Does Tea Tree Oil and soaking your feet in bleach really work for toenail fungus?

I can't believe I'm asking this because I see all the rude comments that people leave to these types of questions, but I'm a very young female and I already have toenail fungus on 4 of my toes. For the past 2 weeks I've been soaking my feet in part bleach, water and soap and then putting tea tree oil on them twice a day and Myoxcide once a day. Has anyone had any luck with this sort of thing?? Or any suggestions?!?Does Tea Tree Oil and soaking your feet in bleach really work for toenail fungus?
You're doing too much! Please get your feet out of the bleach, in the long run it can damage your skin. Either just treat your feet with the tea-tree or the myoxcide, but not both. If you overload your skin with all the treatments your body will keep sending out new bacteria to try and fight all the mixed chemicals and they'll never recover. Make sure you keep your feet as cool and dry as possible - don't wear trainers/sneakers as they soften the feet and make you sweat more. Try the prescribed/pharmacy treatment on its own for a few weeks and see what happens.Does Tea Tree Oil and soaking your feet in bleach really work for toenail fungus?
Tea-tree oil helps, but definitely NOT bleach!! Bleach is toxic and can eat up our clothes fibres, dissolves hair.. and can DEFINITELY dissolve the enamels on our nails.

You can put some hair to a small portion of bleach and let it stand for 10-15mins. This hair test shows at the end of the day, bleach can dissolve even the ';hardest to decompose'; human materials. Too toxic, that's why when we use bleach too frequently, tiles/ clothes etc becomes thinner. (Have u seen the email on a girl hurting her bums while squating on the toilet bowl? Accumulative effects on bleach as cleaning agents)

Extracted from %26lt;The ........ (Company name) Wellness Guide%26gt;

';Tea-tree oil is very effective on all sorts of foot problems and infections. Many successful trials have been carried out in this area, from atheletes foot (Tinea pedis) and ringworm, to warts, even on rough and cracked skin. It is used by podiatrists all over the world.

On his website, Ask Dr. Weil, the highly respected medical author writes *Tea tree oil is the best treatment I know for fungal infections of the skin... it will also help clear up fungal infections of the toenails or fingernails, a condition notriously resistant to treatment, even by strong systematic antibiotics*';

You can refer to the website
The Tea Tree Oil,will soften the feet,but the bleach will not kill toenail fungus. (I would not recommend soaking your feet in bleach at all). There's a product on the market called: ';Lamisil';,which comes in a cream form. You can purchase it over-the-counter,and it cost about $7.00. The prescription form comes in tablets,but takes almost 3 months to cure the fungus. Have your mom/dad purchase a tube of cream for you. Follow directions,and your fungus should clear up in about 2 weeks. (Good Luck)
You won't believe this, but a while back I came across an article that mentioned using Vicks Vapo-Rub on fungus areas... even Athlete's foot. So I tried it. I've been doing it for about 1.5 months now and I am seeing an improvement in the appearance of the nail. Treat it at night before bed and put a sock on to prevent getting that stuff all over your sheets.
Last March I started using the Vick's Vapor Rub. I also file my nails to the point that they are very thin. My toenails look better than they did. One is attached that was almost detached. I have been thinking of trying the tea tree thingy.

The Dr. noticed my fungus toenail. He said he would not take the antibiotic, it is so expensive and it has the possibility of harming your liver.

Don't worry about the abusive responses. If they don't like the question and they have nothing to add you wonder what kind of sick motive they have. Maybe they just need to put people down. That tells you something about them. Good Luck.
Go to a damn doctor!!!

Whats wrong with you people and these crazy questions?!!!!

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