Friday, February 5, 2010

Does toenail fungus live in shoes and socks?

My daughter has a toenail fungus and I'm wondering if I should throw away her old shoes and socks? I like to hand me down her clothes to my younger daughter, but I'm afraid if this fungus lives in her socks and shoes that my younger daughter will be infected if she wears these things. Any help appreciated. Thanks.Does toenail fungus live in shoes and socks?
No, normally fungus doesn't live in shoes nor socks, but it can stay there for a very short period of time after the infected foot. You really don't have to throw everything out, just make sure you clean it real good with disinfectant cleaning substance, that's all. You can throw the socks and even the shoes in your washer, put the water on ';hot';, and use good soap.

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  1. if your socks are dirty.. then a big possibility that a fungus lives in your socks..

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