Sunday, February 7, 2010

Has anyone found solution to toenail fungus?

I am 21 and my toenails on my big toes are thick and discolored and kind or cracking. Has anyone found an effective and inexpensive solution for this? I've heard of Lamisil (I think the name is right) that is a pill to attack from beneath the surface, but I'm not really into the side effects and am a poor college student. Please tell me of any experiences you have had. Thank you.Has anyone found solution to toenail fungus?
Tea tree oil brushed on the nail twice daily - smells bad but works(health food store). Also camphor rubbed into the nail, like Tiger balm found in drugstores works well. Olive leaf extract either tincture or phyto-caps(health food store)work from the inside out. All of these work well. You'll see results in about 2-4 weeks when you notice the nail is growing out healthy.Has anyone found solution to toenail fungus?
buy fungi-nail at the store. It is a liquid you paint on your toenails.

you have to do it twice a day, EVERY day for months and months, but it will work.
Hi, I had a friend who had big toenail fungus on both toes. His wife worked at the pharmacy, not as a pharmacist, but she asked the pharmacist what to use. I don't know the name of the stuff, but it is a liquid that you put on your fungus toenails, and they eventually break off and disintegrate and a brand new fungus free toenail grows there. This friend of mine asked the doctor ';why does toenail fungus happen?'; This is a real story. The doctor answered, well one thing is if your feet are constantly sweating and you aren't wearing leather or cotton shoes, and you have long big toenails, what happens is that the long big toenail is pushed against the edge of the show on the inside, kind of lifts toenail up or something. Anyways, doctor said to keep toenails short and to use that liquid that you can buy off the pharmacy shelf, maybe get advice of pharmacist, which one to get. My friend apparently bought one of the strongest toenail fungus removers, so for him it didn't take that long to get rid of fungus toenail. Anyways another thing, it is best to wash your feet if they are sweaty or dirty, best to keep them dry unless in shower or swimming; and wear leather, or cotton, not synthetic shoes or boots, they can't let the toenails breathe. So once both fungus bigtoenails drop off, then throw out the shoes you were wearing while you had the toenail funfus. Start with fresh clean shoes, that also helps from getting the fungus again, since it is in the old shoes so after toenail fungus goes away, you must not wear any shoes, sandals, boots, that you wore with toenail fungus, as fungus doesn't go away by itself, so it would stay in the shoes or boots you were wearing while having this fungus.
There is a prescription medication, pill, that works but the side effects have to be monitored and according to my doctor take up to six months or more to show results.

Get a pediatrist or a family doctor to look at your toenails first. Problems with the nails could indicate other physical health issues.
Those over the counter remedies like Lamicil really work, even the cream type.
Regarding this fungus of the toenails a lotion can be applied and yes you are right about being able to take tablets. I have been told by a beautician that canastan cream used for thrush etc can be effective. Good Luck

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