Friday, February 5, 2010

How to handle living with toenail fungus?

It is in my genes to have toenail fungus.

My big toenail started getting infected and it is not at the point where it has almost fallen off. Part of it is still attached however, but I know it will have to come off soon.

I'm a female living in Miami, so wearing sandals is a must. At this point this toenail is becoming impossible to hide (nail polish has been by savior until now)

I know it will take a while to cure and regrow this nail, but in the meanwhile, does anyone have advice on any specific styles of sandals that are stylish that I can wear, or how any of you have dealt with ';ugly toes'; ?How to handle living with toenail fungus?
Teatree oil rubbed on the nail should help. NEVER ingest teatree oil, like many other essential plant oils it can be FATAL.How to handle living with toenail fungus?
i have the same problem, i was born and raised in miami and having nail fungus sucks so much its SUPER embarrassing i cant wear the shoes that i want, i hate going to the beach, i dont even go with friends to the beach because of that =/ ...i got treated for now im just waiting...

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I have the same problem unfortunately. My left big toe is the worst, that one started when i was like 10 or something, im now 30. I haven't found anything to get rid of it, but I use Jason's tea tree oil from GNC. We'll see. I just keep filing that sucker down and paint over it. Used fake nails too.

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A fungus is a living plant, has nothing to do with your Genes. There are thousands of different Fungi, from Mushrooms on down. You happen to have the type that feeds off of your toenails. The best way to get rid of this(and it worked for me) is to go to a health food store and get a small bottle of Tea Tree OIL...This comes from Australia, and is an excelent anti-fungal. Apply to your nail with a cotton swab, making sure you get it into your cutical area. Do this a couple of times a day for a few days to make sure the oil penetrates the nail. Don't use nail polish while you are doing this.

It really works, is a natural product, and can be used anywhere your skin is irritated. Only drawback is it has an odor, but it is not really bad...It is strong, keep it away from your eyes. I have heard of people curing gum problems by putting a drop or two on their toothbrush...
I saw something on a news program that showed people using Listerine and I think rubbing alcohol for that problem. Look those two up, I think they were saying that those were home remedies that really work. Also they have really nice sandal type shoes with the tips closed and straps that go around your ankles. good luck.
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