Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Toenail fungus?

The toenils on my big toe are becomeing discolored. I do paint me toenails, but the only ones that are discolored are my big toe. (Both feet). I work 12 hour shifts on concrete and on my feet all 12 hours could that have something to do with this?Are there any home remedies for the toenail fungus?Toenail fungus?
This modern home remedy is well-proven: Vicks vaporub. Sounds gross, but it works better than expensive oral and topical medications (prescription or OTC).

';VICKS VAPORUB: For nail fungus, simply clip the nail as far back as possible without causing pain, and rub the Vicks onto the nail and surrounding skin twice a day. This may take months before results are visible. For fungal infections of the skin (athlete's foot, jock itch, etc.) or psoriasis, simply rub a small amount of Vicks onto the affected area twice a day. May take up to a week to clear.';Toenail fungus?
I had a bad fungus on my big toe for about 5 years and NONE of the topical stuff worked.The nail was raised and split almost back to the cuticle. Family doc told me about VICKS,and said it would take awhile- but it would work. Well, in only THREE months my toes were ready for polish and sandals!!

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two million people in Canada have it while over 10 million people have it in the United States.Nail fungus infections are really hard to spot earlier on.


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If you go to Foot section at Meijer , Rite Aid or cvs and look for the Noni gel for fungus nails. This is somewhat expensive, however it has a guarantee, that is worth a try. There are many other products available I have tried many, they did not work. The Podiatrist is a good place to get help, if he uses laser.

Keep your feet very clean, soak in warm sudsy water, then rinse. When possible wear open toed shoes, sandals, and go barefoot in your house. Get new shoes frequently, and use foot powder. Extremely difficult to heal
Dark colored polish can stain your nails yellow. Toenail fungus would have your toenails thickened and peeling..not just yellow.
Once toenail fungus gets into the nails you have about a 10% chance of getting rid of it. No matter what cream, pills or spray you use. You can get them removed by a podiatrist (easy procedure) and wait about 8-12 months for regrowth and see if they grow back healthy. Eventually it will spread to the other toenails and if you touch it with your fingernails it can spread to them also. If they get really infected with the fungus they will get so thick they will just fall off one day. They will also smell really bad. Get them checked out by a podiatrist. If they put you on oral meds make sure you get your liver checked with blood work every 3 months to make sure the pills arent damaging your liver.



Because feet sweat ur shoes r getting humid, it dosent help u r in them for 12 hours a day.

Look up Hongosan or hongotrim. they also just came out with a pill you can take to help with this form the inside out.

U need to fix this problem asap becuase fungus spreads and ur other toes may start to be affected
need to see the doc for some treatment
i would go to the doctor and get med's to help it plus ask your doc. what shoes would be the best for your job since you are on your feet so long.

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