Sunday, February 7, 2010

Toenail fungus?

I have been battleing this fungus under my big toe, but it doesn't spread to any other toe, and my doctor thinks that it came from some sort of trauma to that toe.. anyways, I take the medication (Lamisil) for 2 wks, or however long it suggests, and the nail clears up, but it still comes back after 2 months! Will I ever get rid of this thing? I am at my wits end!Toenail fungus?
First, use the medication at least a week after the fungus is gone

Second DITCH YOUR INFECTED SHOES AND SOCKS! like ';the velvetine rabbit'; they can hold micro-organisms for months just waiting to reinfect you.Toenail fungus?
Vicks Vaporub is definitely worth a try, but it will take longer than a couple of weeks. It may be that eventually you will have to have the nail removed, never to grow back. That is not as bad as it sounds. When healed up one can even put nail polish there where the nail used to be.
ok... this is going to sound down right strange, but try vick vapor rub. put a little on your toe at night and sleep with a sock on so it doesn't get everywhere... try it for a week

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