Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where can i buy tea tree oil i have toenail fungus?

I have to swim next week for p.e and i heard tea tree oil works where can i buy it and how much does it cost?Where can i buy tea tree oil i have toenail fungus?
Body Shop stallsWhere can i buy tea tree oil i have toenail fungus?
You can purchase it at any pharmacy, such as CVS or Walgreens. The bottle is about $10, but lasts a long time - a small amount is all you need. If you cannot find it, just ask the pharmacist. BTW, make sure whatever you buy says 100% tea tree oil, and not a mix of something else. It should either be clear or a slight yellow-tan color.
WalMart in the vitamin supplement area. It's around 5.00. You have to look good because it comes in a small bottle and you may not see it at first. Or most pharmacies should have it just ask the pharmacist !!! Make sure it says 100% Tea Tree Oil.
You can go to your local drug store and they will have it on the shelves by the band-aids/antiseptics.
You can get small bottles at your local drug store. Very cheap!
health food store, vitamin cottage. Small bottle probably cost you around $5 or so.
Most health food stores carry it.
If that doesn't work too well, use Vick's vapor rub. It works amazingly.
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