Sunday, February 7, 2010

Does anybody know any effective cure for toenail fungus ?

Toenail became thick, yellow and brittle.

Has anybody tried something that helped you to get rid of it or do you know someone that had it and what helped them to cure.Does anybody know any effective cure for toenail fungus ?
Yup me!

I play rugby and got my toe stamped on....bloody hurt too! It got cracked and I got a fungus in it which I couldn't get rid of, tried all the tips recommend on here, using salt/water (hurt like mad), vic vapour rub (helped but I stunk; as soon as I stopped it went away) and eventually went to the doctor. She recommended a drug, Lamisil, but they needed to take blood every week as it could damage my kidneys and after researching the internet I was put off.

I then discovered an oil which I've been using for a while now and the difference is great. Seems to be doing the trick, I got a free sample and it worked, they have offers all the time, maybe give it a whirl and see. I've put the web address in the source box below. Took me a few visits and good look around the site, but a free trial and money back persuaded me.

Try the others first if you like, I recommend skipping the time you'll waste ;-)Does anybody know any effective cure for toenail fungus ?
I suffered from this condition for some time receiving ointments etc from the doctor which were useless. Quite by chance I went to my doctor's and there was a locum on and as part of his work he looked after professional footballers ailments. He told me that several players had had the problem and it was easily curable with tablets taken for a month or so. He said that once i took the course the problem would clear up and never recur and several years afterwards I have never had it since. I asked him why the tablets were not normally prescribed and he said one word ---- expense.

Therefore if its good enough for pro footballers then its good enough for patients on the NHS,

Sorry but i dont know the name of the tablets.

Nothing else works so ask for the tablets. When the doctor balances the time wasted messing with other methods and taking his time up the tablets are cheaper in the long run.

cut your toenail off that should help
I have seen doctors, and they pretty much said to get used to living with it...

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