Sunday, February 7, 2010

How do you cure toenail fungus?

I have athlete's foot and it has spread to 3 of my toenails. It is white and flaky at the base and now throughout the entire toenail. I'm using Lotrimin Ultra for the athlete's foot, but what should I do for the toenails? Summer is coming up and I want to be able to wear flip-flops!!!How do you cure toenail fungus?
Go to the local pharmacy and get the medicine. The pharmisist can direct you to it. Please DO NOT remove your toe nail. If the over the counter med doesn't work then go to the doctor for a prescrition.How do you cure toenail fungus?
A few years ago I had trouble with both the big toes - the infection was very stubborn. I brought up the issue to my dermatologist. We tried a few ointments etc(Carmol40 and Keralac). The fungus would get under control for a while and return. We consider Lamisil. It requires blood test and check for liver functions. Just like you, I was hesitant to give it a try. The scientific studies have shown that it could cause liver damage in certain people - not all. Then we considered the surgery - this opens up the place where the fungus is infesting so the area could be treated and gets open air that helps the skin to dry up. I was told that the toenail slowly grows up. Please consult a specialist.

It so happenned that I had to go out of country for almost 2 months. I found antibacterial liquid (had iodine in its base too) there. After washing and drying feet, I applied the liquid on all toes like nail polish, but also dripping the liquid such that it will enter between the nail and the skin under. I did this twice a day to start with and after about a month did once a day and slowly stopped it. I also soaked feet in warm water with Epsom Salt. Oh and I went around as much barefoot as possible. This exposed the toes to open air thus helping it to dry. I did not use any ointment that would form a film that would create a barrier for direct air.

I continued to have Epsom salt treatment and use the above mentioned prescription ointments after returning to USA. The fungus was gone by the time my next checkup. I don't have the problem but I think I am always going to be susceptible, so I take precautions. I trim the nails short, use the prescription topical ointments, and once a week or so apply (like nailpolish) Listerine Mouthwash (original, not flavored) once a week. This is my experiment with toenail fungus. It will not be the same with everyone.

Good luck.
The only way you can get rid of the toenail fungus is to remove your toenails that is the only option, so either way you are screwed. You either have fungus infected toenails or non at all

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