Friday, February 5, 2010

Gross question: Have you ever gotten a toenail fungus from getting a pedicure?

My big toenails are breaking ALL the way off and it's gross.

Hold me.Gross question: Have you ever gotten a toenail fungus from getting a pedicure?
Yikes!Gross question: Have you ever gotten a toenail fungus from getting a pedicure?
I got my Toenail fungus when Victoria, my Vulture, did my Pedicure with her beak .....She said it was the personal touch that matters!

Now she has to come over 3 times a week to ';Share'; saliva with me as I try to build up my antibodies.

I think she's trying to edge Eleanor out of the picture.
tublet says it so well while saying so little doesn't she?

sorry to hear about your toenail tragedy celeste. after being held, i highly suggest you return to the salon and demand new toenails! The bastards!

then call the health department and do them in please. thanks.

I have one yellow toe nail that looks like the end of a corn knob, my wife finds it disgusting...makes me sad :(

My sister got those toe pills from the doctor, cleaned her toenails up, though I don't think insurance will cover it, since it has health risks.
No...but you should see your he can prescribe something for you.

Then get your money back from where you got them done.

Report them to Public Health and sue them. You could have had to have your foot amputated.

That's why it's better to do your own.
Oh my gosh! I used to get my feet done all the time. Then one day I was watching Tyra Banks, and this girl got flesh eating bacteria from the foot spa!!!!! I vowed that day to do my nails myself. I never ever went back.

I'm sorry you have fungusy toes :(

but that sounds like it shouldnt be happening.

holy geez its already 1:15!!

time for sleep!
You're right. That was a gross question. So does this mean no more ';footsie'; under the table?
Never had a pedi, but yours sounds very attractive........NOT!

Maybe you can keep your socks on when we hook up?
%26lt;%26lt;%26lt;%26lt;hugs%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt; That is why I have been afraid to get a pedicure, that and they don't speak English.
No, but I have gotten fungus on my penis from putting it into a ho
That's EXACTLY why I had to get de-toenailed. It hurt like a mofo but well worth it in the end...
No. I'm sorry.
yes. it sucked.

gross like we want to know about ur fungus!!
hell nah

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