Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How do you kill toenail fungus?

I was in Brazil for a long time and I got some fungus under my toenails. They look freaking nasty. Anyone know any cheap/fast way to get rid of it? I have heard of using Hydrogen Peroxide but I am not sure...How do you kill toenail fungus?
One way to get rid of it that is cheap, is to soak your nails in vinegar for 15 minutes every day. But this must be done every day, if you miss a day you have to start all over. Takes the length of time your nail takes to grow out, A REALLY LONG TIME, but worth it, if you keep it up. You will have nice nails again. The vinegar prevents the fungus from growing in the nail bed, and the new nail comes from there.How do you kill toenail fungus?
I would use tea tree oil. Its know to help cure toe nail fungus but nothing you do is going to cure it fast. I depends on how bad the fungus is but I would do the tea tree oil everyday with a q-tip and start now before it gets worse. The best place to find the oil is at trader joe's, it's also cheaper there around $4-$5.
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Try Bleach on a Q tip a couple of times a day
Listerine mouth wash works got it helps kill the bacteria
I filed them down and used Hydrogen Peroxide. It really worked for me.

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