Friday, February 5, 2010

Is it true that Noah suffered from ugly toenail fungus until he dipped his toes in The Flood?

That's what I heard.Is it true that Noah suffered from ugly toenail fungus until he dipped his toes in The Flood?
If the myth of Noah were true, he would have had to been host to a variety of human-specific parasites, not only toenail fungus but 4 species of malaria, yellow fever, African guinea worm, and beri-beri as well.Is it true that Noah suffered from ugly toenail fungus until he dipped his toes in The Flood?
Please consider this:

You can argue endlessly about getting all of the animals in the Ark, How did they get to the ark, What did they do with all of the poo鈥?etc. But that was a long time ago and no one alive today was there. However, there is evidence that is here today that bears on the flood as revealed in the Bible.

If there had been a Noah鈥檚 ark where all animals were reduced to just two individuals 鈥?one male and one female 鈥?then the genetic variability, within all species (kind), of all animals existing today would be essentially ZERO. All animals, all over the world today, would suffer the same problem of a lack of genetic variability that the Cheetah does today. The genes of Cheetahs are so similar, one to another, that when skin grafts between non-related Cheetahs are made there is no rejection of the donor skin.鈥?/a>

Yet, this is not what is found. Only a few species (kinds) have the problem of low genetic variability. Cheetahs experienced a near extinction about 10,000 years ago (down to perhaps less than ten individuals). Today they have almost no genetic variability within the species because of that near extinction.

Yet, the millions of animals around the world don't suffer from this problem. That is because they were never reduced to just two individuals 5000 years ago. They were never on an ark. There never was a general flood that caused all life, except for two of a kind of every animal, to perish. The very genes inside you and I proclaim that fact.

It is obvious that the story of Noah鈥檚 ark is a wonderful story 鈥?but just a story. It is a story of man's sinful nature and of Both God's impatience with man and of God's love for man as indicated by his regret and promise not to repeat the event.

That does not reduce the importance of the story for it is a beautiful story of God鈥檚 love for us and of his justice and regret. It is just not accurate, but it are not supposed to be. The Bible is about God鈥檚 love and about how to live a righteous life and achieve everlasting life. Don鈥檛 dishonor God by using and interpreting his written word incorrectly.
Wht don't you read the whole Bible and see if it says anything about it in there. Otherwise it would be pretty hard for anyone to know since we weren't there.
I think you heard wrong.
who told you that? somone who was noah's bff in the old times?

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