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Is there a drug for getting rid of toenail fungus?

I have heard that there out somewhere there is a pill or drug for toenail fungus? Is there?Is there a drug for getting rid of toenail fungus?
John, you came to the right place! I once had fungus in my toenail. I went to the doctor and he gave me a prescription for Lamisil The medicine worked. Apparently many people have fungus in their toes.Is there a drug for getting rid of toenail fungus?
tea tree oil is the best healer ever within a few minutes.

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Yes - I think it is called Lamasil - it is expensive, but it works.
I dont know about that but there probably is. I have heard that Listerine is good for that though, no kidding.
Yeah, my dad used to take a prescription for it %26amp; it really worked. ask your Dr. they do make you take blood tests every once in awhile, b/c it can affect your liver function.
lamisil ointment for the areas and I believe that there is an oral medication as well.Ask your Dr
Try teatree oil. A massage therapist recommended it to a friend of mine. You can find it at any health food store. Apply liberally before bedtime everyday.
Try rubbing chopped garlic. The oils after being pressed or cut will release and this is what you want to apply on your nail. This is the most natural way to treat nail fungus on a daily basis.


and there are some natural remedies too
there are things at walmart you can use, but if the infection is too bad, you'll have to go to the doctor.
This subject is well discussed within the link which I add -


Hope this helps

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My husband used Vick's Vapor Rub to get rid of it. He tried it for several weeks and it really works. There are pills out there but our doctor told us that for the most part that they do more harm than good. They can damage your liver so you have to be evalutaed closely by your doctor to make sure it is not doing any damage.
Lamisil was not advised by my doctor since you have to be treated for liver damage later. Lamisil also takes about 6 months to cure it.

My doctor described the toenail fungus liquid that you brush on every day (twice a day if possible) in any drugstore and it works in a little over two months.
Yep, cant tell you its name but their commercial mascot is called ';Digger';. Lamisil maybe? Good Luck its out there ....
yes, by prescription.
There is a pill (Lamisil), but my girlfirend's dad (who is a family practice physician) says it doesn't work very well. Pills are a systemic form of treatment because the medicine gets in your bloodstream, and toenail fungus is a local problem (it's only in the one spot, on your toes). He recommends trimming down the nails as far as you possibly can and soaking your toes in peroxide. Keep doing this, trimming and soaking, until the fungus goes away. Toenails don't grow very fast so it may take awhile, but he says this is the absolute best way to get rid of it.
I have seen the commercials on TV but forget what it's called. They have super cute ';Fungus Creatures'; though.
Lamisil, I think
there are a few of them, go see a doctor
There is a pill that your doc can prescribe or you can use Lamisil over the counter cream. You can get it at Dollar General or Walgreens.
yup but its prescription only so make doc. apptmt and they will give you one thats best for you
yes there is such a drug it comes in both a cream and a pill.

there is another way that is cheap and works great.

put some water in a bucket put one or two cap fulls of bleach in the water. soak feet for 10 min or more say 15 min.

rinse feet in clear water. dry feet well. this will do the same thing as the medication. the only thing you have to watch is that you dont pour in too much bleach that can cause a chemical burn . but you would know if that was happening as it is slow and it itches. if you do that just rinse feet in cool water for a while and use less bleach next time .

you should do this every day until its all better.
Yes, there definetely is. My mom has very bad toenail fungus, and her feet to put it nicely stink!

She visited the doctor and he gave her a prescription. The drug was something like flixoline. (sp)?
hammer in a screw driver under your toe nail and rip it off, then you won't have to worry about the fungus as the blood and air will dry it out.

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