Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is there a permanent toenail fungus cure?

I have attempted to get rid of toenail fungus using various remedies: Penlac, TeaTree Oil, other nail fungal topical treatmnts. I have not tried the oral pills due to the doctor's advice that they can damage liver, they are expensive and not 100% effective. The best remedy I have found is soaking my feet in vinegar daily, which works very well. Can anyone tell me what they have used and has worked? Thanks.Is there a permanent toenail fungus cure?
Go to a Podiatrist, (foot Doctor) and get a medical soak

for your feet.Is there a permanent toenail fungus cure?
If Penlac didnt work, and you really want it gone, the pills will have to be the way. Tell the Doc you really want it taken care of and put up with the liver tests (blood draws) for a few months. The problem is that it can come back in the future.

They have a daily pill and one that is taken the first week of every month. They are both rather expensive.

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