Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What is a good home remedy for toenail fungus?

Not sure if it is exactlly a fungus, just discolored and grows a little different.What is a good home remedy for toenail fungus?
Vicks Vapor Rub!! I speak from experience---it works if you are consistent with applying it. You also need to clean the existing fungus out from underneath your nail to give the Vicks a place to sit. Soaking your feet first will allow you to ';squish'; the fungus out from underneath the nail. You can then take tweezers or a Q-tip and apply the vapo rub underneath your nail. I don't recommend cutting the nail back too far, as this could invite further infection.

It works if you work it!What is a good home remedy for toenail fungus?
I agree with the Vicks. To those of you that were so rude, may the fungi enter your toes and fingers! This is a person who is asking for help.

Good luck.

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wash everything thoroughly with a mixture of 1 to 3 table spoons of vinegar with 1 cup of cold to lukewarm water, - vinegar helps kill fungus.- then pat your peds dry with a clean towel and sprinkle foot powder if you have it or baking soda will also work to get rid of the smell. nix the lotion, socks/stockings and closed shoes for a while as fungus breed in dark, damp areas., instead opt for open sandals.

you might want to change ALL your socks/stockings (or run them through hot water on the rinse cycle when you wash them) and have your shoes cleaned (depends on what kind of shoes you have...)
listerine mouthwash
2 drops of aromatherapy essential oil tee tree and 2 drops of essential oil lemon,mixed into a small amount of lotion and rub it around the nail twice a day// could take a month but it works cause i have seen it first hand on my sons toenail and it worked like a charm with no side effects and that was years ago and it never came back
A small hatchet??? Go to the pharmacy or the doctor you big dummy.
I have a Home Remedy book that has never let me down yet and it states to use Vicks rub.

My husband ';used'; to have toe fungus and I gave him the Vicks rub to use and he did and after a several months of using it the fungus disappeared completely and yes, with any treatment it does take at least several months to get rid of the toe fungus.

Using Vicks didn't cost nearly as much as a prescription would have cost and the results are the same, no more fungus.

This is a proven fact too.
Treatment and Prevention

Because it is difficult to treat or eradicate toenail fungus, it is a good idea to try to prevent it. It helps to wear protective shoes or sandals in public showers, pool areas and gyms, and to avoid borrowing someone else锟絪 shoes or sharing socks or towels with someone who has toenail fungus. An orthotic device can be used to add cushioning and/or control over-pronation, support the longitudinal arch, and reduce stress on the lower leg muscles.

Wash your feet regularly, and dry them thoroughly when they get wet. Wearing nail polish on the toes is not advised because it can seal in fungus and allow it to grow. Keep toenails trimmed, and be sure to disinfect any pedicure tools before using them.

If you do develop toenail fungus, see your foot doctor. The doctor might remove as much of the nail as possible by trimming, filing or dissolving it. Medicated nail polish might be prescribed for a localized infection, but a serious infection will likely be treated with a prescription oral antifungal medication. These medications can have side effects, so be sure to work closely with your doctor on your treatment plan. Only in severe cases will surgical removal of the nail be recommended.

If you suspect that you have toenail fungus, see your foot doctor.

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