Friday, February 5, 2010

This is gross - but toenail fungus? How to get ride of it?

About 6 months ago my big toenail got infected with some sort of fungus (didn't spread), and I lost my toenail. It's been growing back, but it's growing back really thick and doesn't look like my other nails at all. What's going on?This is gross - but toenail fungus? How to get ride of it?
Athlete's foot. What a bummer. I have had it too and in the process lost my big toe nail a year and half ago and still waiting for it to grow back. But what is coming so far sounds exactly like what you have going on, thick, dark and ugly. The other problem with it is that your toe nails grow so much slower than your finger nails, so it is going to seem like forever. But do go to an dermatologist, the md's gave me stuff that one just counteracted the other.This is gross - but toenail fungus? How to get ride of it?
Yep that is kinda gross but your not alone this is something that millions of american deal with every year. I have one a much of research on the topic (personal reasons) :) and here is what I found. 1st. I have heard of ';home remedies'; that range from Vicks Vapor Rub to Vinegar but if you follow some peoples forum post who try this it seems to never fully go away. However there are some internet sold treatments that people report work really well. This site has a couple.

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Hope this helps!
You can go to beauty salons and they should have ointment you can treat it with. If that doesn't would you can get a prescription from your doctor!
Have you gone to a doctor? That should be your first step.
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