Friday, February 5, 2010

Is it possible to catch toenail fungus?


My boyfriend of five years has really horrible toe fungus. Doctors have told him its the worst they have ever seen. He is too scared to treat it with medicine because in order to recieve the prescription you have to have blood work done every month or so, and he has a great fear of needles. When we first started dating it was on one foot and now it has spread to both.

I am curious to know if it is possible to spread to another person. Normally one of us will sleep with socks on, but sometimes one of us will forgot and our bare feet touched. Do I have reason for concern?

Thanks for your help!Is it possible to catch toenail fungus?
Yes my husband has the same problem and after 11 years of being married I am showing signs of my feet drying out, bumps ect.

Have him soak his feet in crushed up garlic and a little water.

The garlic is something that your body itself will not try to fight because it is a helper to us, putting your feet in it, since the pores are so big in the feet helps clean out the blood stream as well as fighting the infection you can see.

I do recommend wearing socks when he does have a break out, but I have learned that it also depends on your bodies constitution, if it is good you won't get it.Is it possible to catch toenail fungus?
hey i would try putting over the counter lamisil and then at night after you shower and then a pair of clean socks and make sure u wash your hand because it does spread to your

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No it should not spread to another person. Have him soak his feet in water with tea tree oil added daily. He should also use vicks vapo rub on the affected nails at least daily.
I'm pretty sure it can spread... One thing you should suggest that he tries is vapor rubb (the stuff you spread on your chest when you get a cold) rub it on really thick for over a month. The old gangly toenails will fall off and be replaced by new ones in a very short time...
Yes, you can catch it..

You could catch it by using nail clippers he has used...

Nail fungus can be cured without taking the Prescription pills.

Search for cures on the internet...

I cured a nail fungus with alcohol once..
dump him ew toe fungus
yes it is Lamasil is a very good drug

another trick is soaking nails in listerene
I don't think so, but he should really get it treated.....who cares about the needles, lol I am terrified of needles myself, but toe fungus is gross, and unnatractive.

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