Sunday, February 7, 2010

What is the best remedy for toenail fungus?

Fungus on Toe nails

You may want to try Tea Tree Oil on your nails (with a bandage), an essential oil from an ancient Australian kind tree. These oils are part of the immune system of the plants, which also have to prevent the microorganisms, such as fungi, to feel invited. These microorganisms only thrive in other beings, when the immune system of these beings is down. When the immune system, which includes our life energy, is strong, no bacteria, virus or fungus can even come close. They are repelled by our life energy like raindrops from a rain coat! This can be seen on Tesla-Kirlian life-energy photographs, made with an electric camera.

You may also want to check your pH (urine and saliva) with pH paper from the health food store. The pH paper measures the acid/alkaline balance. In my experience the pH of urine and saliva should be 7.5 at all times.

If it is not, all kinds of unnatural events can happen, called diseases.

An alkaline-forming diet is helpful to keep our immune system in good shape, as is Dinshah Color MedicineTM, which is easy to learn.

You may want to get Silicea, a homeopathic tissue salt, to support your immune system. Place 4 pills and an ounce of water in a dropper bottle, shake and take a drop or two under your tongue very often (may be every few minutes) until the condition gets better. Then less often but at least 5 times a day (about every two hours) to keep up the healing energy.

Our body is self-cleansing by nature, when we give it the right fuel: in the form of alkaline-forming food, or as energy with essential oils, or Dinshah colors.

Happy sandal season!

Cordially, India.MagicaWhat is the best remedy for toenail fungus?
Go to your doctor for medication that is prescribed!What is the best remedy for toenail fungus?
I hear Lamisil is really good for that. i would recommend seeing a doctor and getting a prescription. If you don't know which type of fungus it is you can't really treat it very effectively.

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