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Why do I keep getting dandruff,toenail fungus,yeast infections,tonsil stones and itchy skin all the time now?

I've been like this for months and months now. I have tried everything from going to the doctor to over the counter meds to get rid of this and nothing happens. Please help!!Why do I keep getting dandruff,toenail fungus,yeast infections,tonsil stones and itchy skin all the time now?

Look for a Shop in your area that sells eastern foods and ask them for a bottle of Unrefined Sesame Oil Tell them it is for the skin otherwise they may give you the refined that is used for cooking That will work but you will smell like a roasted nut The unrefined is strew colour

Do this each day warm two tablespoons in a small pan and rub this everywhere from head to foot Making sure you massage it into the scalp and in between the toes Leave it on for ten minutes then take a shower

A large bottle is very cheep and will never go rancid Keep repeating this until the skin heals then each week to keep on top of it You can even gargle with it too

It is one of natures miracles that is very little known in the west You use this and you will never have a skin problem again

Good LuckWhy do I keep getting dandruff,toenail fungus,yeast infections,tonsil stones and itchy skin all the time now?
The itchy skin and dandruff are probably related. As simple as it sounds you may just be dehydrated. Try hydrating yourself by avoiding caffeine and soda and drink lots of water and Gatorade, first. Otherwise you may have psoriasis or something similar; all the conditions together may be the result of an autoimmune condition. See a dermatologist or immunologist instead of your family doctor.

The yeast infections could easily be caused by medications (especially any antibiotics) that you're taking. Avoid douching because that can disrupt the ';good'; bacteria and acidity level needed to fight off the yeast infection. Also, try eating yogurt when you take antibiotics to maintain the level of ';good'; bacteria in your system.

Tonsil stones are common in people who still have their tonsils and happen to have sinus issues. It's a collection of anaerobic bacteria, food, and mucous. Be sure to floss and brush your teeth, tongue, and top of your mouth 2-3 times a day. Gargle with an oxygenated mouthwash to neutralize the bacteria. If you can remove the tonsil stones by yourself without gagging, do it...they can cause halitosis. Vaseline for the toe fungus is a good idea. Other home remedies include soaking in Listerine, vinegar, tea tree oil, or Vick's Vap-o-rub...

Good luck!
Often yeast infections happen if you have taken antibiotics, so if you took antibiotics for infected tonsils, that could be the reason for the yeast infections.

Itchy skin and dandruff can be connected. Usually dandruff can be treated by special shampoos available without a prescription at your pharmacy. These shampoos contain different medicinal ingredients that contain salicylic acid, coal tar, or anti-fungal properties. Many dandruff shampoos are now more pleasant to use. Recent developments in zinc pyrithione shampoos have made them especially effective. Use them everyday until the dandruff is under control, and then one to three times a week as needed.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Toenail fungus can be related to showering in public showers, so if you shower at a swimming pool or gym that could be the cause. Nail polish, tight fitting stockings and tight fitting shoes increase the likelihood of toenail fungus.鈥?/a>

The itchy skin may be related to something as simple as slight dehydration. Try drinking more water, at least 8 big glasses a day.
try looking into your diet.

There is known that some diseases in the theet and mouth, can cause hair-trouble, such as dry scalp and hair loss. Check with your dentist.

The yeast infections and tonsil stones might have something to do with an ongoing unattended infection elsewhere in your body -get that checked at the doctors. Have them take other test than last time!

Itchy skin and dry scalp may be caused by dehydration. Are you drinking enough water throughout the day? At least 2 liters if your an active person.

To relieve the skin and scalp, try to use olive oil. It will soothe and keep the skin moist.

Yeast infections can be affected by diet -try changing your diet to more veggies and less meat, salt stuff and lay off everything sugary!

Good luck!
You may have an allergy to something very common like corn starch. It's in nearly everthing from food to makeup. Try changing your diet to one that is very simple: water, protein (eggs, skinless chicken breast, etc) and see what happens. Limit your exposure and see what happens.

It may be some other allergy. FYI - vaseline spread on toenails gets rid of toenail fungus very quickly. Don't waste your money or risk your liver with drugs.

;-) good luck
What you have is all classic symptoms of candida.

google bee's candida diet and read the articles there and learn how to get rid of it by changing what you eat.

Medicine isn't going to cure it, it can help relieve symptoms, but it's cured by diet.

(and that doesn't mean starving yourself, or losing weight, it means eating the specific foods that can cure it)
I have been working with a holistic nutritionist who specializes in super foods that help the skin. I just went through a 7 weeks to super skin program that totally transformed my chemicals!

I had horrible breakouts...and blotchy skin. It runs in my family. BUT my skin is so smooth now. It is pretty simple to make the changes she suggested. It has to do with sugar, hormone balancing...and a bunch of other stuff. Just stinks that I waited til I was 35 to get great skin!

Here is the link to get a free audio of a skin diet:

Worth a try鈥nd it is free!

Anyway, in the program I was in, she also recommended supplements that you can get over the counter to help balance your body chemicals...and help your skin too.

Good Luck
Contact me privately- I don't want to embarrass you on the website in case any of your friends see your profile. My email is goodnitedandruff at gmail dautkaum
POSSIBLY, You Have SCABIES, or LICE. Get some RID or something for LICE (it has the same ingredient in it).
uhm showers work.

and taking care of yourself.

thats pretty gross though, idk how you have had such bad luck.

For dandruff try not to itch your head to much
Try taking a shower.
Wow... problem with your immune system maybe?

No idea.
wash yourself theirs and idea
Ooh sounds pretty bad. i don't know though

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