Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What is the best thing to do for toenail fungus? Without taking the pills like lamisil.?

I am only 16 and have toenail fungus! I can hardly wear flipflops because it looks so bad. PLEASE HELP!What is the best thing to do for toenail fungus? Without taking the pills like lamisil.?
You can kill toenail fungus with a strong soapy water (really scrub), with tea tree oil, with clove oil, or by coating your feet with honey which will draw out the moisture from the fungus and cause it to die. If you use honey, you still have to scrub a lot afterwards. If your toenail fungus is underneath the nails, the oils will work the best but you may have to see a doctor. For the oils: once a day, for 20 minutes and use generous amounts. You could actually use garlic oil too but your breath would end up smelling like garlic as your body absorbs the stuff.What is the best thing to do for toenail fungus? Without taking the pills like lamisil.?
Use the Fungal Infusion from Source Vital (www.sourcevital.com). It contains not only Tea Tree oil, but also two other Melalucas (cajeput %26amp; niaouli), which are plant essential oils, like Tea Tree, that have anti-fungal properties.

The Melalucas from different parts of the world are best at killing fungus from their own part of the world. Thus, when you combine three different anti-fungal oils, you get three times the effective power than using Tea Tree alone.
Tea tree oil and garlic may be your best bets, as both of these have antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. Since its a fungus in or under the nail, it will take some time as it has to 'grow' out. Leaving your feet exposed to the open air (i.e. wearing flip-flops) may help too, since the moisture from wearing shoes helps the fungus to reproduce. Incidentally, these methods can cure athletes foot fungus as well.

I'd alternate the two methods, as garlic tends to give a burning sensation. Just grind a clove using a mortar and pestle, and apply the paste directly onto the affected areas for 20-30 minutes per session. Tea tree oil has a cooling 'minty' feel, so it may be a good follow-up and will leave your feet feeling refreshed. Depending on the strength of the oil, it should be able to safely stay there all day.
The pills you get from the doctor are the best remedy, but If you want to take a natural but slightly more tedious route, try white vinegar. Find something to soak your feet in and fill it with warm water, then add about a cup of the vinegar and soak for half an hour to an hour every night. As your toenails grow out you'll see them getting healthy looking. Once they look 100 percent healthy, I'd still maintain the soaks once every few days just to be safe. After a while, just pull back on the amount of soaks until you don't need them anymore. It takes forever, but it works.
While many of the crazy methods described here might work for some, only the paint-on or pills from your doctor will work. Any treatment will take many months to work, so it's probably best to use something that WILL work, rather than waste the next 6 months using a pointless method then have to take the pills anyway.
Undiluted Tea Tree Oil - apply twice a day. It takes about 2 weeks before you start to notice a difference, but it does work. Keep your feet nice and clean and don't wear any socks/stockings around the house - let the air get to those toes.
soak your feet in apple cider vinagar and water for 15 minutes a day. Or you could soak your feet in salt water too.

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