Friday, February 5, 2010

I have a toenail fungus (onychomycosis) - how can I get rid of it?

I've had this for years on one of my big toes. It seems pretty mild as it doesn't cause any discomfort and hasn't spread, it just makes my toenail look white.

However it started after I injured that toe - I dropped something heavy on it and it was bruised/bleeding underneath, I guess that's when the fungus invaded. I've recently injured the big toe on my other foot (out mountaineering) and am worried I'll get the fungus on that toe as well so I've decided to take measures to finally get rid of it!

What can I do? I did go to the doctors once and got tablets that I took for 3 months that had no effect. The doctor was reluctant to give me more due to their potential adverse effects. I've seen other treatments - home remedies, creams, etc., but what is most effective?

I had a look in my chemist and couldn't see anything. I've seen some stuff online but don't want to fork out money over the 'net for something that may not work.

Any advice?I have a toenail fungus (onychomycosis) - how can I get rid of it?
Check out the link below.

Don't forget to consider what the cause might be - have your blood sugar levels checked...

The incidence of onychomycosis has been increasing and is related to diabetes, a suppressed immune system, and increasing age.I have a toenail fungus (onychomycosis) - how can I get rid of it?
I saw on Mythbusters that a good soaking in Vodka works well. Worth a try anyway.

Ask your chemist for Lamisil cream. it is a fungicide developed for atheletes foot fungus. Was available only as a prescription but now available over the counter. It is very good.
See your GP or try canesten 30g
Go back to your GP again. I had an infection and I was told to push back the cuticle and put some sort of iodine suff at the base. Because toenails take a while to grow out, you may have to stick with it for a few months.

I got bored and just live with it. It is only some discolouration for me and hasn't changed in years.
Gosh, I've tried every remedy in the book for the last 5 years and finally found something that worked. The Chlorox bleach pen! Apply a thin ribbon to your nails after every bath for a couple of weeks. My toenails are finally growing back healthy again....Good Luck!
i dunno dude but i have the same thing going on...when you find the cure, i'd like to know.
If your mountaineering, surely it is essential that your feet are in a healthy state. Go back to doctors and ask for antibiotics. Ten days without a drink is far better than risking life and limb.

The fungal infection should clear up within three weeks. Meantime try mycil powder and ointment.

Good luck.
Have you tried hydrogen peroxide?
Use tea tree oil on it twice a day and after washing. Apply quite liberally around the and on the nail.
Have you tried tinactin it can be purchased over the counter at the pharmacy. I also have herd sulfur and cream of tartar tablets are good for this but are hard to find. Sometimes a pharmacy can get them they are not prescription and are a old home remedy that they used years ago
Try soaking your foot in hot water with sea salt.
Tea Tree Oil is antifungal so would suggest soaking your feet in a bowl of warm water with 3 drops of tea tree oil as often as you can. You can put either neat tea tree oil on your toe or buy a tea tree cream to put on after soaking. I swear by this product for loads of things and wouldn't be without a bottle in my bathroom. If you go to Superdrug or Boots, they sell the Australian Bodycare range who do everything from the neat oil to shampoos and conditioners. You can get a small bottle of oil for about 拢3 if you go for a Superdrug own brand so it's not breaking the bank.
Try putting Vicks vapor rub on it i read some where it helps with nail infections or try tea tree oil it is also said to help

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